Friday, July 8, 2011

Dive Into The Sky

Hey everyone! As may be obvious, a major hobby and time waster of mine is tabletop RPGs, most of these are made by professional companies of people that know what they're doing, but not all!

Myself but far more so some friends of mine have been working on creating a RPG based on the Mecha Musume genre, and heavily influenced on the manga and anime Strike Witches, and the one who started the project has just opened up a blog dedicated to its development.

Nyanpyoun illistrating the basic premise of the genre and anime.

The main goals of it right now are to make a game which gives the feeling of mid air dogfights, with players having the options of varied weapons like dumb and smart weaponry, bombs, combined with simple to complicated maneuvers to manipulate their positions to their advantage.

The hopeful plan is that once it is done, the system will be expanded into a more elaborate system for expanded upon Mecha Musume types (Mecha, tanks, submarines and so on), and thus a more encompassing game, but that is some ways away.

It's still very much in need of play testing, mainly, as well as story, and plenty more, but if you are interested in RPGs, Jets, Strike Witches or Mecha Musume, it may be of your interest to go and check it out.


  1. This is a sky you can dive into!

  2. nice one, gonna check that out later!

  3. Interesting idea
    Do any table tops already do air combat to such a degree?

  4. @Shaw:

    Actually, other games do air combat. Notably, Air War C21 focuses exclusively upon it. There's also a game by the name of Mercenary Air Squadron. And speaking of planes and mercs, there's a big forum community making their own game (based on air war c21, I believe) for air combat stuff.

  5. as a fellow RPG geek, I must say, this is a good idea