Monday, August 1, 2011

In which a person in 2012 complains about the difficulty of finding a job

I've been painfully sick the last couple of days and have spent my time housebound trying to find employment.

This being a hard thing is, currently with the way things are going, is no surprise, but this has been a long term problem for me. Even now at the age of 24 I've yet to find a single paying job despite much, much trying.

This isn't to say I'm unqualified, I've spent years working jobs that include with rough estimates on the time;

  • Gardening and construction (4 months)
  • Brushhand work (5 months)
  • Animal care (4 months)
  • Delivery (4 months)
  • Retail sales (6 months)
  • Werehousing (5 months)
The problem, it's all been volunteer work. How charitable of me, unfortunately volunteer work will get you nothing more then the respect of people. Being as apathetic as I am, that's not terribly valuable.

This causes the weird disjoint, as many people very much respect volunteer work, its also just shy of official at times. I think my favourite time is when I've been told by certain companies that I clearly understand what the job entails, but they won't hire me because I laid qualifications I've been paid for.

I've been told every job advertised gets like, a hundred applicants it needs to sort out, when they only need one or two people, and I imagine this is true with the quality of excuses I've heard over the years, and some of the cutting points are just sad if the company is trying to maintain some self respect.

Now though, with jobs being bad for everyone as opposed to just us misanthropic hikkis and the like. I pretty much approach the finesse of a shotgun. Throw as many resumes out there, pay attention to jobs you actively want that you hand deliver resumes at while you use the internet for anything else you can do without going postal.

Now that I've dropped out of my useless computer class, I'm trying this now. I doubt I'll be able to find anything but I can hope.

If I don't soon, due to Australian laws cracking down on this at the worst possible time (Hey, unemployment's at an all time high, lets ramp up the demand they get a job within a couple months to weeks or lose benefits, that'll endear people to the government and make them not want to leave.), I'll wind up being 'encouraged' to get another volunteer job to get experience I can list on a resume, which is always a good thing, as everyone respects volunteer workers and you get very real experience.

And the cycle will continue again.


  1. Hmm, ask friends who have jobs to see if they can put in a good word for you.

  2. Throw a lot of applications out there, and visit companies personally. That's what I've been advised to do, anyway.

  3. Keep at it, you're bound to get lucky eventually

  4. i think there is always work out there. you can do something for money but i guess it depends on what kind of job you want. (ie i COULD go mow my neighbors lawn for $20 but i dont feel like it haha).

  5. You could try setting up your own business, something like freelance computer coding/repair or artwork, it's an idea I've been thinking about myself.