Thursday, October 20, 2011


A bit of an update. I'm on the mend from my sickness, which is nice. I've also spent a lot of time trying to get my new campaign started. I've picked up a couple recruits for it so now I'm up to a big five again. It's been a while since I've GMed a game with that many people, so I'm curious as to how it'll go.

Looking through my stats, it seems Minecraft's still my most popular post. Not sure how I feel about that. I'd like something more intellectual. But ah well. Minecraft is a fun game and with the varrious updates lately. With the adventure update, I've... had something to talk about.

I started a new map, intially trying to run it under my castle run rules, but it quickly became evident that wouldn't be feasible immediately.


Behold, the Glitch Lands
I have no idea what happened, but this is what my opening area spawned like. It sanes up a little as you move further from the epicenter, but nothing's quite normal. I've checked the seed itself and if entered again it generates a very nice map. Oddly none of that water should be there. It's right beside a desert biome, but in a second generation its a plainsy one. and the desert biome is oddly disleveled so some blocks are just two cubes higher then others, to the randomly generated town's chagrin.

The grass I added in hopes of spawning animals, It doesn't work.
This is VAUGELY what the area should look like.

Looking around in the files, near as I can tell (admitingly, its not my area) the land that SHOULD be there kind of is. There's something Schrodinger going on with it. You can't see it and it doesn't interfere with you or toyr tools, but on rare occasions, animals fall into the water from what should be grass but is only 50 metres of air.

Tower Home, and Tower Hydroponics
The chunks of rock, The Towers, as I've taken to calling them, DO provide some strange benefits from monsters and a certain degree of risk at once. Being small and thin, monsters never spawn on there while I'm also in the area, the first few nights being stuck up there trying to make a home out of dirt with one reachable tree in sight, waiting for it to grow and harvest it slowly for tools I needed. The negative of this is I'm convinced light flips randomly between considering real world light levels (a well lit interior I use as a home) and the quantum mountain (where I'm buried under tons of rock untouched by man or the suns rays, if this quantum world even has a sun.) and will spawn monsters anywhere, in the middle of my home without concern for if they should be able to exist.

The top floor of Tower Home
The bedroom

The bottom floor of home, and the stairs
Apart from the very rare gifts from the sky gods of animals, they seem to never spawn or despawn in the area of the vacinity. Which gives it its own creepy tone. There's a big pit in one area that multiple animals have fallen into, and never left without eventually drowning in the water inside of it.

This led to real fun with food, considering the run. I lived on raiding the unoccupied town nearby's broken farms, until I could start my own tower after the home was secure. I'm quite happy with it, it's running water works flawlessly, looks pretty and eventually will be integrated with the mushroom farm in progress to deliver them from their dark environment without issue of monsters, plus it collects loose items from the three farms to recollect in one area.
Tower Hydroponics Wheat floor
Eventually this will be the Bumpkin and Melon farms
I hope I don't make this place sound horrible though. It's qctually a load of fun. As my friends probably know, I'm obsessed with mountains in Minecraft, I always want to build on them, make dangerous aerial walkways between them and this is thus my dream come true. I also just enjoy it for its strange wonder.

Caves that use water instead of walls
Magic lava that is unaffected by water
And this has to be my favorite, even if it's a few seconds late. When the sun rises, the first point it becomes visible is a hole in the mountains only visible from the top of my home.
It's a horrible place to live, but in a strange way, its grown on me. I don't know what caused it, but I hope to keep this world running and developing for a long while.

So! Its an abstract thing, but happens now and then, and I want to ask, has a glitch ever affected a game you play in a horrible way, but eventually grown on you? Please leave a comment as I'm very curious.

Also for reference, the texture pack I'm using is PureDBcraft, it's got parts I'd like to replace, but I like the general style of it. Most texture packs mess up in some way and this gets the most things right. Especially glass and natural textures. Its a shame that stone, cobblestone and stone brick is so indistinguishable.


  1. wow...impressive stuff man...
    I always have problems finishing my stuff on minecraft but this is inspirational.

    keep it up

  2. Oh wow. Can I have the seed for that?

  3. Wow, I wonder, if you can somehow artificially glitch your game to achieve something like this.
    I don't really remember any major glitches happening to me. I don't play minecraft too much though.

    That texture pack looks cool. Only thing I don't like too much is the glass.

  4. Wow, looks very exciting. I always end up with boring worlds in Minecraft. Maybe I'm not that creative...

  5. I like the tower hydroponics wheat floor

  6. @Shaw

    Sure. Remember it won't glitch unless you can somehow get it to do the same, but you'll be able to see the similarities. It's 2522756490320197531

  7. Wow! You found a glitch I haven't heard before. Finding glitches are fun because you get to experience something the creators didn't intend to.