Friday, June 17, 2011

Tabletop Games

For those that are interested, here's a list and brief summery of my status of RPGs as of the time of posting this. It'll make for a good starting point for any future posts on any of them.

I'm currently running a Tager game using Cthulhutech, called Tager-chan. It's a bit of a varriation on the normal setting, which is anime of the action, horror or mecha kinds combined with Cthulhu Mythos, in this case, it's the magical girl genre. Tough this game is starting to close up.

The games I'm playing in;
  • A more traditional Magical Girls Game, this uses Mutants and Masterminds. we're a small military group trying to deal with an alien invasion by the Bydo. The GM basing everything heavily on shumps. Myself, I play a thief-y character, far too lazy to use her own magic, instead steals it from her allies or enemies. We just recently left for a trip to Russia to look into a villain/friend we've met a few times.
  • Another M&M game more in the style of a fantasy adventure, though far more for comedy then something serious. Inspired by games like Disgaea. My character in that is a messenger angel of 'love and peace', armed with a gun and with a dozen different kinds of bullets for it, each capable of unique methods of destruction. Currently we're on our endless quest, trying to figure out a way to stop a demoness that's out to destroy the world.
Once my current game ends, I'll be starting my new one, hopefully, which I'll likely discuss in a lot more detail here, Heavily inspired by the anime Madoka Magicka, currently it's under the name Psychoka (get it?) In it, the player are all magical girl agents of a small cute mascot creature, tasked with hunting scary monsters called Eidolons. They're granted a wish as part of the contract, and quickly learn they got more then they bargained for.


  1. In before spoilers abound for me~

  2. Nah. Since I know you guys will look here, the only spoilers will probably be post it happening.

    Or I'll at least, like, give massive forewarning for you to not look.