Friday, June 17, 2011

What this blog will be

Hey there. Welcome to my blog. This will sort of a gathering ground, as well as my putting myself out there. A place where I can talk about my hobbies and get things sorted. Maybe even have input from others. As well as a place for occasional rants on things. As are always fun.

My main topics I imagine will be the following:

  • Tabletop RPG's Mostly the ones I play in or run myself, which use Mutants and Masterminds and Cthulhutech mainly. Though there will be plenty of talk about other games, or general gaming topics.
  • Video Games. I enjoy streaming games and play many more, mostly other Role playing games in western or Japanese format.
  • Education topics, likely either Psychology or Information Technology. I'm no expert in either though, so this is a fore-warning.
  • Slices of life for my daily life in Australia. Ever wanted to know what its like to be a spiteful internet addicted misanthrope? Now's your chance.
  • Nerd topics, for my lesser hobbies, Star Wars, Magic the Gathering, Cats. There's a lot of these and they'll come up from time to time.
There will be more, I'm hopeful, but this is a solid list of what to bet on. So thank you again and welcome to the horrible mind.

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