Wednesday, June 22, 2011

That Advanced Networking I just did sure comes in handy...

Boy I sure do love it when half way into the day at class the network cuts out on us, ruins half the classes tests because hurpityderp hosting important things like tests on a local server is too much work, and we can't do any work for the rest of the day. So screw this, I'm looking back into volunteering for Lifeline. It's probably strange to some how I'm skipping classes on tech support and help desks but seeking to work for a suicide hotline, but if I'm going to work with faulty computers, at least ninty percept of the time won't be wasted explaining they need to jiggle the brain cables.

To help the day along my ordered copies of L.A. Noire and Alice: Madness Returns finally arived, two days after the two week long holidays I ordered them for. That's... some nice timing, guys. Oh and you sent me a Xbox 360 version of Alice when I ordered a PC version? That just makes it so much better.

At least I can play L.A. Noire, since that won't need to be shipped back (I hope. I did order them separately initially, they just took liberties with that as well.) It is however a VERY fun game. I can see reason for complaints about the lack of choices being an issue, it's not to me, but then I'm a fan of most JRPGs and it seems episodic so far, so I wouldn't expect one case's resolution to affect much of another. Then again I'm only a like 5 cases in.

I think my largest complaint would be some sort of attempt at Cole offering input on evidence that's failed in addition to evidence that's successful. At least so I could know his interpretations on evidence as a character, which seems to be different from my interpretations as a player. See main reasons in the next paragraph.

Minor spoilers for the begining of the game: Granted I would have been wrong, but when asked to show why I think violence took place in the bloody car, showing a blood covered likely murder weapon should at least lead to Cole saying "you used this to kill him didn't you?" and the suspect actually saying "No and I wouldn't know where to even get that." revealing information for me to take into account when trying to put the pieces together. That said, the next case really went well for me, being thurough I found a critical peice of evidence early and broke the case with both as a player and character very strongly. Kind of funny how that was an above and beyond style success whereas the quote unquote "make or break you" case that started the plot off, I horribly flubbed by forgetting a witness, driving over the crime scene, forgetting my car, and accidentally running around almost an entire block in the wrong direction while chasing the suspect. In addition, I hope these newspapers aren't going to be the only element of the big overarching plot or something, like I assume they are. Addicts, needles and a psychologist in the 40s? I'm sure it surprises some people but when you're looking into psychology as a career and Call of Cthulhu games cause you to look into the late 40s when drug based treatment first came into (over abused) being as the official method? Kind of ruins the surprise for that demographic.

Still, looks like a fun game, I do hope it keeps punishing me with bureaucracy.


  1. Sorry to hear you day sucks but it's funny that you go from technical problems and how you hate them to Bureaucracy problems and how you want to be abused more by them.

  2. Looking forward to the new Alice